MIT Media Lab Makes OLED Display Cubes: No Cenobites in Sight (Yet)

For some reason, whenever I see small, interesting cube-like devices, I think of the puzzle cube in Hellraiser, which is also knowns as a Lemarchand’s box. However unlike those, these ones developed by the MIT Media Lab allow you to visualize something on each of the six screens, one on each side, not open a door to Hell!

display cube block oled

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5 Types of Wall Mounted Monitor Setups

051911_rg_WallMountedMonitor_01.jpgWhen you’re working with limited space for your home office, you need to get creative, especially when space is at a premium and you can’t just have the gigantic desk that you’ve always wanted. Even so, when you come up with innovative solutions to these types of problems, you’ll end up having a workstation that will work more efficiently and that’s customized for your space.

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