Lockwasher Robot Sculptures Whirr Their Way Into Our Hearts

Lockwasher creates these amazing robotic sculptures using objects that he found. I like the BR2D2, which is also called the BeertooD2, made from an old can of Heineken back in 2008. A second model, the BeertooD3 was created last year. Since then, Lockwasher has been busy working on new robots.

lockwasher beertood3 beertood2 BR2D2 BR2D3 sculptures junkbots

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Gundam Statue Rises Again (Almost)

I was pretty sad when they announced plans to take down the 60-foot Gundam statue that was erected last year in Tokyo. Luckily, Bandai recently announced that they were going to put it up again in Shizuoka, 125 miles west of Tokyo. He’s almost ready! Here are some of the first pictures available from the new location.

gundam japan statue rises again robots anime manga

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Life-Size Plywood Hubble Telescope Won’t Ever Go Into Orbit

These amazing sculptures were created by the Australian artist Peter Hennessey.  And no, they can’t fly. They’d probably burn up on lift-off if you even tried to launch one into space.

peter hennessey hubble plywood space ship

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The Sitoorie Sculpture in Essex

Heatherwick Studio developed the design of a sculpture called the Sitooterie for National Malus Collection in Essex. The word is derived from Scottish and means a small building which literally “sits out”.

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Speakerbuddies: A Mix Between Sculpture and Speaker


British designer Alex Underwood exhibited an interesting looking series of speaker that he aptly named Speaker Buddies as part of the 100% Design London fair. The speakers look like a sculpture of a child, with the speaker as its head. Looks like something out of modern art. The speakers are designed to work in pairs.

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