The Amazing Race S15E01 (CBS)

The teams start of in LA. Brian and Erica are married and from Nashville. Ericka was Mrs America in 2002. Lance and Carrie are engaged and from Salem. Maria and Tiffany are pro poker players. Sam and Justin are best friends. One of them has Asperger’s. Mika and Cainen are singers from Nashville. They are Christian. Two Harlem Globetrotters are also racing. Sam and Dan are two Christian brothers from the Midwest. Gary and Matt are father and son. Eric and Lisa are married yoga teachers. Garett and Jessica have been dating on and off for years. Marxie and Ron have been dating for a year. They are older. They met on the internet. Megan and Shane are dating and from San Diego.

[Ed. note: Must have gotten most of the names wrong. I don’t really care enough to change them.]

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