The Amazing Race Huger Than Huge S16E12 (CBS)

Teams are flying to San Francisco, their final destination. They will make their way to Battery Godfrey. They half gay brothers try to skip in line. The cowboys aren’t taking it. Well, they talk a lot but don’t do anything. It’s Jordan, the gay brother who’s creating a fuss.

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The Amazing Race They Dont Even Understand Their Own Language S16E11 (CBS)

Teams make their way to the Garden Bridge for their next clue. Jet/Cord get wrong directions. The dumb models can’t wait a taxi to take them there. They finally find a teenage girl who writes down the Mandarin to find the Garden Bridge. Jet/Cord find a taxi to take them there. Dan/Jordan have trouble as well.

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The Amazing Race Feel Like I’m in Like Sicily S16E10 (CBS)

Teams are flying to Shanghai. They have to go to the village that’s known as the Venice of China. All of the teams hook up at the airport. Caite is all happy to tell them the story about the U-turn. Talk about schadenfreude. The half-gay brothers aren’t impressed. They thought that they should have U-turned the cowboys.

Jet/Cord win the footrace and leave for the village. The cops are last. The dumb models are close behind the cowboys. The models are first when the cowboys get lost trying to find the docks. I didn’t know that the cowboys were brothers.

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The Amazing Race Dumb Did Us In S16E09 (CBS)

The cowboys were last, got the speed bump and got in first. Teams must travel to Singapore. They must find Alan Woo, host of the Amazing Race Asia for their next clue. Teams will encounter a U-Turn. The half gay brothers come on the bus where the cops and the models are on. They share the plan that they will U-Turn the lesbians. The half-gay brothers don’t agree.

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The Amazing Race You’re Like Jason Bourne Right S16E08 (CBS)

The cowboys face a speed bump. Steve/Allie received some bonuses because they won the last leg of the race. They teams must fly to Malaysia at the Snake Temple. Steve/Allie forgot their backpacks and didn’t want to go back to get them. They only have the clothes on their backs.

All teams arrive at the boat to go to the airport. The cops and models talk about the lesbians. Both those teams want to U-Turn them. The cops help out Steve with some clothes.

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The Amazing Race Anonymous S16E07 (CBS)

The cops arrived first and leave at 12:35AM. They fly to the Seychelles. All teams will be flying on the same flight. When they arrive, they will have to find a marker and take a spot.

I think that it’s an island. It’s a good thing that we ain’t driving there.

A lot of the teams don’t know anything about the Seychelles. The lesbians are in the back while the models used electronic check-in and got seats in the front of the plane.

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The Amazing Race Cathy Drone S16E06 (CBS)

Teams must drive themselves to Reims and find a musician near the statue of Joan of Ark. The cops are overconfident. Steve/Allie leave 2nd. The cowboys leave a few minutes later. The half-gay brothers leave a minute later. The lesbians leave 20 minutes later.

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The Amazing Race I Think Were Fighting the Germans Right S16E05 (CBS)

The BB team will hit a speed bump in this leg of the race. Teams are leaving from the Indra club in Hamburg. They boarded a bus during the night for an unknown destination. Joe doesn’t look good. He rubs the cops the wrong way.

The teams arrive in France. They will drive themselves to a town and find a bakery. Their clue will be hidden in a baguette. Cord doesn’t know what a baguette is. Jet tells him that it is a pastry.

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The Amazing Race Were No Longer In The Bible Belt S16E04 (CBS)

Jet/Cord depart at around 11PM. They must fly to Hamburg, Germany. They are on the 11:10AM to Frankfurt. Jet/Cord and the cops are on the 1st flight in. It’s a direct flight. The 2nd flight arrives about an hour later. The lesbians and the half gay brothers hurry to make the train to Hamburg. They miss the train, obviously. Brent/Caite, Joe/Heidi, the BB team, and Steve/Allie arrive and they are all on the same train.

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The Amazing Race Run Like Scalded Dogs S16E03 (CBS)

The grandma team was eliminated.

Teams must take a bus through the Andes mountains and into Argentina. They must drive themselves and find a Travelocity gnome. Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid hid out there.

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