The Amazing Race The Sprint of Our Life S19E02 (CBS)

Oceanworld Manly, via Wikipedia

So tonight it’s a double elimination leg. Teams are leaving Taiwan for Indonesia. There are no flights out tonight, so the teams are spending the night at the airport. Most of the teams are at the airport. Cathi/Bill leave at 4AM, that’s about 8 hours behind the earliest teams.

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The Amazing Race Kindness of Strangers S19E01 (CBS)

Oceanworld Manly, via Wikipedia

The 11 teams are:

-Andy & Tommy, former Olympic snowboarders

-Ethan & Jenna, former winners of *Survivor* and dating for 7 years

-Laurence & Zac, father and son adventurers

-Ernie/Cindy, recently engaged from Chicago

-Justin/Jennifer, brother and sister from Stone Mountain, GA

-Bill/Cathi, married grandparents

-Liz/Marie, blonde twin sisters

-Jeremy/Sandy, dating

-Ron/Bill, domestic partners and flight attendants

-Amani/Marcus, a married couple

-Kaylani/Lisa, former showgirls from Las Vegas

The first team to finish this leg will win the Express Pass. They must solve a word-puzzle on umbrellas. They are coming to Taipei, Taiwan. The last team to complete the puzzle will receive a Hazard, which they will have to complete in this leg of the race.

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