Lasers Mimic Supernova to Explain Cosmic Magnetic Fields


Scientists are using powerful lasers to mimic the effects of supernovae, which are helping to reveal how the magnetic fields of galaxies may have been formed in the early universe. All galaxies have magnetic fields, ones that might affect how fast stars are born, but it hasn’t been discovered where these magnetic fields come from.

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SEED Concept: Your Personal Automonous Floating Camera Drone

The SEED is an autonomous, mobile camera balloon created to take photos and video of you while you’re on vacation, but I honestly see a lot of Big Brother implications. It also reminds me of the Kinos in Stargate Universe. This unique spin on the blimp drone was designed by Moonhwan Lee.

seed blimp drone camera concept moonhwan lee

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IKEA Seed Starting Shelving: Start Gardening Early! Ikeahacker


If you don’t have much space to dedicate to seed starting, and you are a prolific gardener, then hacking some IKEA shelves to do the job is an easy way of getting things green. These started seeds can then be transplanted into your garden. It’s also a nice way to start the gardening year, especially if you’re currently living with a lot of snow!

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