Sennheiser Momentum Headphones: Wrap Your Ears in Leather and Steel

You’ve probably noticed that headphones are becoming a fashionable accessory once again, even when going out to bars and clubs. Thankfully these new Sennheiser headphones aren’t just for the hipsters, they have plenty of sound to satisfy your ears when you need to listen to your tunes.

sennheiser momentum headphones

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Setting Up Your Computer With Hi-Fi Headphones

070312_rg_HiFiHeadphoneGear_01.jpgIt comes as no surprise higher end headphones benefit from additional hardware upgrades between your computer and the headphones. It’s not always a plug and play affair if you’re looking for the best sound, so here are few audio component upgrades for anyone looking to take a step up from “good” to “best”…

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Sennheiser IE 800 Earphones and HDVD 800 Amp: Probably Amazing, Definitely Expensive

Sennheiser makes some really good audio products, and they’ve just upped the ante with some top of the line earbuds and an accompanying amplifier. If you’ve got deep pockets and audio quality is important to you, then these might be worth your attention.

sennheiser ie 800 earphones glow

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Sennheiser RS 220 Wireless Headphones Send Big Sounds Over the Air

In my experience, wireless headphones were always a cool gimmick, but when it came to audio quality, it was best to stick with wired ones, even though wireless headphones are pretty convenient. The new Sennheiser RS 220 Wireless Headphones seek to change this thanks to some improvements in wireless technology.

sennheiser rs 200 headphones 01

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Audiophile Headphones: When Speakers Are Impossible

010612_rg_HifiHeadphones_01.jpgIf you love music or tend to listen to it a lot, then you’re probably considering getting some high-end speakers at some point. The main problem with this is that we’re currently living abroad, and buying something large bulky just doesn’t work. We need something portable, so instead we’re currently looking at high-end headphones. They are a lot cheaper, but you could still end up paying over $1,000.

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Sleek BMW-Designed Earbuds For Sennheiser

Good headphones are absolutely needed if you are listening to your iPod or iPhone a lot. There are quite a bit of choices in quite a bit of prices. We were somewhat surprised to see that BMW has taken up the challenge in designing a good pair of headphones. The great news is that they partnered up with Sennheiser, a great headphone company.

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JVC Air Cushion Headphones
JVC Air Cushion Headphones

My old iPod headphones were falling apart. I ‘borrowed’ my wife’s earphones, buy they broke apart. I spent two weeks without any mobile earphones. At home, I use a set of cheap Philips SHP 805. I know, they are cheap. I’ve got a pair of $300 Sennheisers in storage and my DJ headphones, Sony MDR700DJs are in Taiwan. Both headphones have broken jacks. Happens to me all the time, because they are permanently plugged into my computer, they get tossed around a bit and the jacks will break.

Anyway, I wasn’t about to get a Shure SE 530 for now, it’s not in my budget. The guy in the shop actually recommended the JVC pair, over similar Sennheisers and JBL. Naturally, I had a budget. I wasn’t going to spend more than $70. In the end, I’m pretty happy with the result. They are in-ear headphones and really stick inside, without falling out. Sound quality is very decent and since they stick into the ear canal, they adequately block out sounds from the outside world.