OriHime Robot Strikes Sexy Robot Poses

The OriHime robot was developed in Japan by Kentaro Yoshifuji, an engineering student at Waseda University, and it attempts to takes the robotic form to a sexy new level. While it has a more feminine form than the typical ‘bot, it definitely won’t be putting Victoria’s Secret models out of a job anytime soon.

orihime robot poses

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Game Boy Swimsuit: Guys, Bet You’d Like to Push Her Buttons

After their C-3PO and R2-D2 swimsuits, Black Milk has is showing off this Nintendo Game Boy swimsuit, for all you retro gaming fans. It also joins the ranks of the Pac-Man swimsuit that we saw last month.

game boy swimsuit black milk clothing nintendo retro

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Sexy Star Wars Pics: R2, I Can C Your 3PO Showing

I came across these interesting  photos by Homer Liwag, who mixes Star Wars and NSFW-ness. Check out on what exactly these droids are rolling on! I love how you have to stare at the photos a few times before you are sure that you’re looking at droids rolling on naked bodies.

homer liwag sexy star wars toys imaging photos

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Guido Argentini

Sandy Silver photos by Guido Argentini from 1995
Sandy Silver photos by Guido Argentini from 1995, NSFW

This is part of a series of photos that are being sold by Photographic Limited Editions. Each print is limited to 3 and measures 47″x47″. Each will sell for $9,000.

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