Set Your Place Apart with These Uniquely Shaped Speakers

While many people are using headphones to listen to their movies and music, it’s a safe bet that almost everyone needs a decent pair of speakers, either for their home theater systems, their computers, or their digital music players. A lot of us are content with cheap speakers, that manage to do the job well, but if you listen to a lot of music, you’ll be surprised at how much better the sound is coming from some decent speakers.

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6.1 Km

Well, I totally failed this morning to get up at 6AM. Instead, I got up at 7:20AM. It was funny because I was the first one up. It was a beautiful day, with a temperature of about 3C, which was perfect to go for a run.

I finished school at 4:30PM and headed home. By the time I had my running gear on, it was almost 5:15PM. I took this route, which was quite familiar. I used to run it a lot last year. It took me 36:03 to complete, which isn’t bad. My fastest pace is about 5 min per km, I did that back in November with an 8km run. Still, I’m pretty happy. I wasn’t blazingly fast and I did take two short breaks, but all in all, I’m happy.

I kind of slightly busted my ankle on the way home on a pothole. However, I was still able to run home, so I guess it must not be that bad. I’ve got it all bandaged up and I’ll put some ice on it later.

It was really stupid of me, but I forgot to zip up my pocket in which I had my keys. So naturally, they fell out. I arrived back and started looking for them. Luckily, I managed to find them very quickly, as I had tied my shoelaces right outside our apartment. That was a lucky break.

What would I do different? Take a tuque and a scarf. That’s it. It still pretty windy and you can’t run without them. I had some thin gloves on and I was fine. I was wearing a Arc’Teryx Alpha SV hardshell, but that didn’t really bother me. Underneath, I was just wearing a super thin t-shirt and my running pants with thin socks.

So if I run 20-30km this week, I’ll be happy. I’ll try to be reasonable and not increase my mileage too drastically, which is what I shamelessly did last year. I could go for an afternoon run tomorrow, as I don’t have any classes starting 2PM. That’s actually pretty good. Or go on Friday morning.

On Monday, I wasn’t really sore. On Tuesday, parts of my body felt the run. It’s strange to have that feeling again. It’s not unpleasant. I’m looking forward to taking off the extra pounds that I gained during Christmas.

E8 Could Be The Shape Of Our Universe

Surfer dude says that E8 could be the shape of our universe.