3D-Printed Cover + Standard Logitech Mouse = The Infinitely Customizable Mouse

Gaming peripherals, while pricey, are quite durable and full of features that even the sternest desk-jockey can appreciate. Recently, I saw a couple of LED-powered keyboards that had me drooling, since they lit up very brightly to highlight gaming keys. The Mad Catz RAT has always been an extremely good mouse for gaming, since it allowed you to get the perfect shape for your hands. If you don’t like to buy off-the-shelf peripherals like these, then check out this 3D-printed alternative.

statial shapeways mouse cover

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3D Printed Knitted Sweater iPhone 5 Case Wins Shapeways Competition

I’m itching like many to have a 3D printer at home so that I can print out stuff like this iPhone 5 case, which won a competition at Shapeways. It was one of five hundred entries, and what’s unique about this case is that looks more like it was knit than 3D printed.

artizanwork sweater case iphone5

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Spaho Design’s Ripple Case Puts an Optical Illusion on Your iPhone

I’m not sure how well cases with holes will actually protect your iPhone, but since there are some available from major manufacturers, they must help at least a little, right? If you don’t mind having a case with holes in the back, then check out the 3D printed Ripple case.

shapeways spaho design iphone 3d ripple

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The iPhone MacPro Case: 3D-Print Yours for Free!

Well, it probably won’t be free for most of us who don’t have our own 3D printers, but still this is a great-looking case, perfect for all of the Apple fanboys who just love the Mac Pro. Heck, who wouldn’t want to have a Mac Pro they can stick in their pocket?

mac pro iphone case 3d printed

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Angryman iPhone Stand Makes iPhones Happy, Not Mad

iPhone stands are a dime a dozen, but this compact new stand looks pretty versatile. For one thing, it’s a 3D-printed design, so that’s already neat. It functions as an iPhone stand, cable tidy, cable shortener and other functions that you’ll discover when you use it.

curve angryman stand iphone

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Omniscent Siri 3D Printed iPhone Cover: The Ghost in the Machine

Sure, Siri can be bossy or frustrating at times, but it’s certain that she’s safe to stay in iOS 6  (and probably iPad 3 and the iTV, too.) In tribute to the digital personal assistant, 3D printing company Shapeways has assembled a group of artists to shed new light on Siri and her impact in our lives.

saga design siri 01

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Command Key Ring Courtesy of 3D Printing

Have you ever wanted an awesome ring? Check out this Command Key Ring that you can order through Shapeways. The best part is that it’s 3D-printed to your own specs, so you know it’ll fit. The ring is also quite massive, so it’s not for people who want something inconspicuous.

command key ring forma laboratory apple mac design

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