Pulsing Light Bar iPod/iPhone Sound System: Disco, Disco Dock

From time to time, you come across some strange combinations in tech. While not all of them are good, I can see how this one might work in some instances. If you use your iPod/iPhone as your primary music player, and you need some lighting effects for your next in-home rave, check out the Music Dock with Pulsing Light Bar from Sharper Image.

music dock ipod iphone light strobe sharper image 01

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Events Countdown Clock: Keep Pushing That Button!

When I see something like this, it makes me think of that darned button that needed to be pushed every 108 minutes in Lost. Well, now Sharper Image has come up with the Event Countdown Clock, and its has an event countdown timer for up to three events.

sharper image alarm clock event countdown lost

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