Minimal Float Wall Desk: We’ll All Float on Okay

My two desks are quite cluttered. There’s no denying it, but something like this minimal desk might actually encourage you to cut down on the wires and clutter in your home office.

minimal float desk workstation

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Clopen Shelf Hides Away Valuables on the Inside

If you’re worried about the safety of your valuables, or are just looking for some extra storage, check out the Clopen shelf by Torafu Architects. The skinny shelf contains a secret, hidden drawer that allows you to hide your valuables away from prying eyes.

clopen torafu architects shelf safe

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Wall Shelf & Table Lamps Make Versatile Lighting

If you’re on a budget and trying to make the best of what you’ve got available, then it’s time to get creative, especially with lighting, as you can spend a pretty penny on suitable lights for a new place. This hack uses a number of table lamps situated high up on a glass wall shelf to generate enough light to illuminate a room.

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NewerTech NuShelf: The Perfect Place to Hide Your Mac Mini or Time Capsule

I’m liking this new thick acrylic shelf that can be mounted underneath your desk for either your Mac Mini or a Time Capsule hard drive. It’s the perfect way to clear your desktop, if you like to keep things tidy.

newertech nushelf mac mini time capsule shelf mount acrylic

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The Hacked Computer Shelf Puts Monitor At Perfect Height

Anyone who spends a considerable amount of time in front of their computer will tell you that it gets painful after a few hours if you don’t use ergonomics. It’s sad that not a lot of places put an emphasis on this, especially if you are working from home. This is why we thought that hacking a picture shelf to become a computer shelf would be the perfect recipe for people needing something like this.

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iMac Shelf Helps Cut Down On Desk Clutter

The iMac shelf is a cute little thing that will help you cut down on your desktop clutter. It’s handy to put down quite a few different accessories.

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ShelfSpeaker Combines Furniture and Home Theater

101309_rg_speakershelf_01.jpgWe usually tend to separate furniture and home theater items, however that didn’t stop an enterprising designer from trying to combine shelves and speakers. We know that your speakers probably have already something on them, but how about using one that was specifically designed to be used that way?

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