Bibliophilia: Combining Library with Home Office

It’s natural to try and combine rooms when you haven’t got enough space, but many people use their home office as an ad hoc library to store their books. Granted, sometimes they end up in piles near a desk, but books are something that bibliophiles love, so they are worth making the effort to store them adequately.

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Floating Shelf Over HDTV Maximizes Available Space

120710_rg_FloatingShelvesHDTV_01.jpgWhen you are setting up your home theater, it’s important to effectively use all of the available space, especially if you haven’t much to work with. While floating shelves will create a nice airy feel, if they are mounted next your your wall-mounted HDTV, it’s not always possible to have this look. This extra shelf will help for storing books, media, and components of your home theater.

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Inspiring IKEA Lack Hacks: Taking It to the Next Level

There’s nothing more frustrating when you can’t find that perfect piece of furniture to finish off a room. It’s can annoy you. The trick that we’ve learned is that if you can’t find it yourself, hack it! IKEA Lacks are a great basis for a number of different hacks, and here are the ones that set themselves apart.

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Using Hacked Shelves As Home Entertainment Centers

When you’re putting together your home theater system, there are quite a few different options that are available to you to make yours distinctive. One of the easiest ways that we’ve found is by using shelves, that are usually used for books, as bases for your home entertainment centers.

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Using Shelves As Video Projector Wall Mounts

LED projectors are getting cheaper and cheaper, and for most families, they become an interesting option when they want to view movies or play games together. Nothing beats the size of an image from a video projector, especially when you enjoy watching TV. There are a few different options to mounting these, and using a shelf is definitely worthwhile.

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Creating Your Workstation From IKEA Shelves

One of the great reasons why we really like IKEA furniture is that most of them can be combined, reshuffled, or hacked into new really cool configurations. Sure, as a workstation, it’s pretty spartan, but we like the overall feel of this build.

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Justin’s Desk Features Clever Lighting Built Into Shelves

There’s nothing more boring than a plain, old home office, especially one that’s facing a wall. Most of us think that there’s not much you can do with that. Well, Justin didn’t think so. He took it upon himself to decorate his workspace in a most interesting way and we think that he did so splendidly.

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Extending Your Computer Desk With Billy Shelves

Finding enough space to fit your computer desk isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t have a lot of space available for this. It’s always a challenge, but we found Jessica’s solution quite elegant.

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Look! Speakers That Can Be Used As Shelves

072309_rg_outlineAux_01.jpgSpeakers tend to stick out in any room, no matter how thin they are. Sure, you can camouflage them a bit, but at the end of the day, they will be quite visible and they might ruin the look of your place. But what if speakers could be used in a different fashion, as shelves? That’s what these new speakers can do, but that’s not all they can do.

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Graffititek Bookshelf: A New Way to Store

It’s always a struggle to find adequate shelving for books, CDs and DVDs. Most of the time we end up with a patchwork of shelves that don’t like they were put together with any sort of concept. That’s why it’s important to try new things for shelves. Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to just make a shelf stand out and look good. Read on to find out more about the Graffititek bookshelf.