Out of India Restaurant Shida Market

I was invited out to an Indian restaurant last night. It’s called Out of India and located in the Shida market area, not far from NTNU on Shida Rd. First off, service was barely passable. The waitresses were busy, but there was no excuse for serving our entrées in the middle of the meal.

The dishes were tasty, but not tasty enough. A bit bland to be honest. They all tasted alike and none of them were spiced enough. The restaurant was also very hot. The had switched down their bigger AC and I was getting hot towards the end of the meal. I don’t know why, but I felt sick after I finished eating. It might have been the fact that I had a headache before which I got from riding in the sun that afternoon, but I don’t know. I almost felt like puking, and that’s never a good sign.

Anyway, I don’t recommend this restaurant.

La Pizza Restaurant

La Pizza is located on Shida Rd, on Lane 105. It’s right next to Shida (NTNU). I was told that this restaurant was expensive, but after having eaten at the 123 Taiwanese restaurant nearby and having paid $155NT (~5$) for a passable meal, I didn’t mind trying it out.

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Curry House Restaurant FAIL

The Curry House is located on a lane of Heping Rd. near Shida (NTNU) in Daan.

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From Sanchong To Taipei

My day started in Taipei, at Zhongxiao-Fuxing (), near the old Sogo store. I spent a few hours in training. Then it was off to Sanchong (新首席) for the first of four interviews.

The school was easy to find and it was small. It’s conveniently located, not too far from Banciao (板橋市), through Sinjhuang (新莊市). It’s only to sub for a week, but my demo went very well. It took me a few minutes to find my way to the Jongzhen Bridge which led me directly into Taipei. I took a wrong turn and ended up on Aiguo Rd. but I managed to find Heping Rd. again.

My second interview took place in Shida (). It was a very small school, but with a reading based curriculum. Of the schools I have visited, I’d like to work at this school. It has very small classes, a dynamic owner who studied education and positive reviews from other teachers. They also have a summer camp.

Later, I headed over to the place on Roosevelt Rd Sec 3. where I would be subbing for a few weeks in June. The manager would pass my number around his other schools for more substitution work.

Even though it was pouring part of the day, I got a lot of things done. I was offered a substitution job in Taoyuan for a few days, but I still have more interviews this week. I’ll wait until tomorrow until I make my final decision.

I’m subbing the whole day on Friday, nine hours. That’s going to be interesting. Today was also the first day since January that I had a class for a while. I played a learning game, which the other teacher said that he’d use as well. It’s a version of mega-tic-tac-toe.

All in all, it was a good day. I came home at around 5PM, fed the dog and walked him after I had eaten something. I made a Thai Thom Yam soup, with chicken instead of shrimp. It was good.