Hot Tub Boats: Because Hot Tug Boats Just Sounded Wrong

While they’re not capable of moving you through space and time like a Hot Tub Time Machine, these Hot Tub Boats can at least transport you through water – because why bother swimming, when your boat can do it for you?

hot tub boat seattle ship pleasure craft full

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FishPi Drone Relies on Inexpensive Raspberry Pi Computer to Cross the Ocean

With all this talk about unmanned drones, it was only a matter of time before a couple of interesting projects would surface. Check out FishPi, an unmanned water vessel which will run a cheap Raspberry Pi computer to try and cross the Atlantic Ocean. Will it succeed?

fish pi raspberry drone autonomous ocean

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Rechargeable Ship Runs On Battery Power

I don’t know if this is that revolutionary, but for a moment I was impressed with the fact that this battery-powered ferry can travel about 80 km with 800 passengers on board.

ihi japan plug green electric ship

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The Race To Save The Cougar Ace

The Cougar Ace is a 55,000 ton cargo ship packed with Mazda cars valued at $103 million that nearly flipped when the ballast tanks on either side of the ship got out of balance. If the team succeeds, they get about 10% of the cargo’s value and If not, they don’t get paid…either way, someone might die. (via kottke)