Asics Sortie Marathon Japan Duo

Asics Sortie Marathon Japan Duo
Asics Sortie Marathon Japan Duo, the color I wanted

When I went sneaker shopping two weeks ago, I discovered the Asics Japan shoe line. They were specifically made for marathon runners. I was intrigued.

Let me tell you that I absolutely abhor going into a department store to find shoes⁵, even if it’s a high-end store like Sogo. In fact, don’t go to Sogo. You’ll save money by going to regular shops. For sneakers, I recommend the Gongguan area (公館站)¹, which has got at least a dozen different sneakers, carrying everything from Nike to Acupuncture².

Update: I’ve worn them for a full day and you barely notice that you are wearing any shoes. They are extremely light. I’d like to get a small scale to see how many grams they do weigh. I’m pretty happy with my purchase.

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Training Updates

Shimanos SPD SH-MT32L
Shimano's SPD SH-MT32L

Last night, I went into Taipei to pick up my cycling shoes. Oddly enough, the Shimanos that I tried on last time were way too big for my feet. The other model they had was uncomfortable, so I went with a cheaper, more comfortable shoe. Not that I really care that much since I will be mostly wearing them on the bike. I had to wait about a week and a half since I didn’t have the bottom brackets for my Time pedals.

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November 30 2008

When people come over, this is what our entrance looks like
When people come over, this is what our entrance looks like