One Key Shortcuts for Firefox, Chrome & Safari

010412_rg_OneKeyShortcuts_01.jpgWhile some software giants are trying to make the URL bar disappear, we’ve found that over the years, it’s still very useful, especially if you know how to use it right. We use the URL bar in all of our browsers, in Windows and OS X, as well as iOS, making it an essential way of navigating the web. Here’s how you can develop your own one-key shortcuts.

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Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Time

010510_rg_OSXKeyShrtcts_01.jpgI’ve been a touch-typer for a long time, but the one thing that I enjoyed about using Windows was that a lot of the keyboard shortcuts had been drilled into my muscle memory over the years of use. Since I just got a Mac, I’ve been discovering all of the useful keyboard shortcuts that are available in OS X and wanted to share some of my favorite time saving tips.

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Google Reader Shortcuts

Here is the complete list of Google Reader shortcuts. At any time in Google Reader, you can press the ‘?’ button to have them appear.

Gmail Shortcuts

If you are slowly getting the hang of only using Gmail as your default email client, shortcuts will become a part of your life. Recently Google has rolled out a few new shortcuts.

Another great trick when you aggregate your email from other accounts into a single Gmail account is to search via labels. Labels are like tags but for email. Gmail is really interesting to use, because it will put labels on mails. You can create labels and change them as well.

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