Hipe Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


The Hipe Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is supposed to be used in your bathroom, allowing you to belt out your favorite tunes, without worrying about getting your speaker wet. You can stream music from any Bluetooth device. It can also answer phones, and act like a microphone.

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iShower Bluetooth Speaker: Sing in the Shower All Day Long

When you’re in a good mood, there’s nothing like belting out a couple of tunes while you’re under the shower. There was a time, unless you put dedicated waterproof speakers your bathroom, it wasn’t easy to do so unaided. Now, there’s the iShower, a small, waterproof Bluetooth speaker that does it all and won’t break the bank.

ishower bluetooth speaker

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Horizontal Shower: Lie Down and Hose off

Have you ever wondered how it would be if you didn’t have to stand or sit while showering? Check out Dornbracht’s Horizontal Shower, that allows you to lie down completely while a series of six high intensity jets massage your body.

021512 the horizontal shower 1

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LED Shower Head: Tell If It’s Hot or Not at a Glance

There’s probably something to be said about LED shower heads or light therapy in general, especially when you have just woken up. This LED Color Changing Shower Head is from Chinavasion and the colors will change depending on the temperature of the water, making it easy to figure out if the water is going to scald you or freeze you.


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Rami Tareef’s Green Shower Concept Will Save Water

021910_rg_GreenShower_01.jpgIt’s a given that we waste a lot of water in the bathroom, most notably in the shower. We heat up water and it goes down the drain. There have been some systems that recycle and reuse this gray water in other ways, but all in all, no real benchmark.

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The Egg Shower By Arina Komarova

Looking for a different sort of shower? We were quite impressed when we saw this egg-shaped shower. Even though most showers are either square or circular, this kind of makes sense to us. Why? Read on to find out more.

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Revitalize Bathroom With The Automatic Shower By Roca

112309_rg_transtube_01.jpgShower stalls tend to be squarish and nestled in a corner, but what if you have more space available in your bathroom and you’d like to have something more distinctive? Or what if you have less space and need something smaller? The circular shower looks modern and minimal, and is perfect as a centerpiece for your bathroom.

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Italian Experts For Color Therapy Rain Spa Shower Heads

100809_rg_rainspa_01.jpgSome people love baths some people love showers. We tend to take more showers than baths and love relaxing in the hot jets of spraying water. That being said, there are ways of making your shower even more relaxing, with incredible shower heads.

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Grohe’s Digital Bathroom: Worth the Money?

041009_rg_ondus_shower_01.jpgEven though I take baths from time to time, I’ve always been a shower person. I take showers everyday and they are part of my morning routine. Usually, if I don’t shower, I don’t really wake up. Since I’ve had a bunch of different bathrooms over the years, I’ve always wanted to have a multi-jet shower, a shower with different nozzles all over the place to massage your body with water. The trouble is that these systems are frightfully expensive, since each nozzle will need it’s own plumbing. Nevertheless, there are other ways to get your shower satisfaction.

Lost Contact Lens

Yesterday, I took a quick shower after a run and I lost a contact lens. Thinking that it had flushed down the drain, I changed lenses. I spent most of the night with an irritated eye. It didn’t get any better when I went to bed.

The next day, when I took a shower, I felt something in my eye. I got out of the shower and checked. I found the lost contact lens. It had folded itself up into my eye and disappeared from view.