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NASA After the Space Shuttle Program

Nasa's Juno planetary probe

I was pretty sad when I realized that when NASA retired its STS, their aging Space Shuttle Program, there would be no replacement since President Obama scrapped Project Constellation in October 2010. It opens the door for China and India to advance in their shuttle programs or develop their own. I also thought it was pretty ironic remembering the plans of manned missions to Mars, a moon base, and other missions. Now, it’s only in science-fiction that the US has a manned space program, and even those show get canceled (Eureka and the Astreus mission, which was canceled earlier this week).

Shuttle’s Handy New Computer: Nettop or Laptop?

031909_rg_shuttlenettop_01.jpgEver wanted to move your computer around in your apartment? It’s not always easy. You’ve got to switch it off, unplug the thing and haul it around. Nettop computers are to desktops what netbooks are to laptops. They are slim, easy to use and perfect to have around the house as an extra computer. We see this as the kitchen computer or something that the kids could play on. The touchscreen also makes it perfect for designers and artists, trying to showcase their creations.

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