LumaHelm Light-up Helmet Improves Cyclist Safety

It’s reasonable to say that riding a bike in traffic can get dangerous quickly. That’s why I think that the LumaHelm is such a good idea – since it adds much needed visibility to cyclists, also allowing other vehicles to know exactly where they are going.

lumahelm smart led helmet bicycle

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Using an Ikea Strainer to Boost WiFi While Traveling

063009_rg_ikea_strainer_01.jpgWhen you are traveling in other countries, you become reliant on free WiFi hotspots. No one wants to use their credit card to get access to the internet. Since multiple WiFi networks can permeate the air, it seems logical to think that there is a way to access many and therefore getting onto the internet. Some of the major airports offer free WiFi, but we’ve noticed more than a few that just offer a free 30 minutes.

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