Bang & Olufsen Beo6 Remote is One Expensive, Weird Looking Remote

Yes, it’s true, Bang & Olufsen gear is quite expensive. This includes this new Beo6 remote, which is one really strange looking remote control. It’s basically a ball that has a touchscreen LCD sitting on top of it. Seems odd, but I guess that B&O have made stranger looking gear over the years.


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AP Isn’t Silly But Reuters Gets It

AP’s senior vice president Jane Seagrave denied the news agency’s recently launched content tracking system would target bloggers, saying, “We want to stop wholesale misappropriation of our content which does occur right now … Are we going to worry about individuals using our stories here and there? That isn’t our intent. That’s being fueled by people who want to make us look silly. But we’re not silly.”


Charging bloggers $2.5 a word? Sounds like total BS to me. Most bloggers aren’t paid…

Thankfully, Reuters isn’t that stupid. They encourage people to link, quote and blog their content.