Geometric Superheroes: Rectangles, Assemble!

Remember those cool polygon superhero images by James Reid? Well Rene Schiffer takes our heroes a bit further into pixel-land by using only rectangles in his version. None of his designs uses any other shapes but rectangles and none have more than 20 colors.

Rectangle rene schiffer superheroes hulk

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Nicol’s Latest & Simplest Setup: Mac Mini to the Rescue

120811_rg_NicolSetup_01.jpgIt’s true that a lot of people are now using their laptops exclusively as their main computers. It makes sense, since they are easily portable and can have some interesting options. What is also quite common is that they also need some kind of desktop at home. It makes things a lot more convenient, especially when you don’t have to spend too much money on this. Here’s one easy setup that we found.

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When Your Living Room Is Also Your Home Office

090611_rg_CreativeLounge_00.jpgLiving room home offices might sound less than ideal (no separation of work and relaxation), but they’re often necessary you’re a small space dweller. It is in fact a setup we have in our own home right now; we had to get rid of a lot of stuff and make some serious compromises to get it up and working (no TV). Thus, we’re a bit envious about Eddy’s workstation up above, which presents a seamless and aesthetic workspace presence in the middle of a living space…

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Keeping Your Workstation as Simple as Possible

071111_rg_KeepSimpleWorkstation_01.jpgThere’s something magical about keeping things simple. Like many people, we tend to over complexify things that shouldn’t be too complex, especially workstations. While the perfect workstation is somewhat akin to the One Ring from Lord of the Rings (something you desire, but can never attain), it’s always best to work with what you have and try to make simple and minimal improvements over time without spending too much money.

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