Gourde and Sisters on the Storytree

-I started running again.
-That’s great, I play soccer. During the winter, I play with the boys, during the summer I play with the girls.

Do you have a sister she says. I do. What does she do she asks. I tell her that my sister is a physiotherapist. She moved back to Quebec after having spent some time working at a hospital in Three Rivers. Really, my sister also spent some time there and she just came back as well she says. My sister is also a physiotherapist. My sister went to Evergreen high school, in the international program I say. My sister went there too! Those are some strange coincidences.

A few classes later, Gourde tells me that her sister doesn’t remember my sister. It had taken a few weeks for me to see my sister again. She had recently moved to James Bay to work at a hospital there for a few months. She’d be easy to remember, she’s a brownie, like me, I say. The fact of the matter was that in Quebec City, Caucasians are still the norm. Especially if you went back a few years. I was one of the two visible minority students at my private secondary school. Two out of 1200.

Gourde is interesting, she’s got a quick wit and mind. I always have fun with her.