African Spiny Mice Regenerate Lost Tissue


African spiny mice, specifically the species Acomys kempi and Acomys percivali, have skin that is brittle and can be easily torn. This evolutionary adaptation allows them to escape predators by jettisoning whole patches of skin when caught or bitten.

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onanoff Leather MacBook Air Skins: Premium Cow Hide for Your Light Laptop

After designing some stylish earbuds, onanoff has just released another good looking design in the form of leather MacBook skins. These skins come as a package and will wrap almost all of your MacBook Air in a leather cover.

onanoff macbook air leather skin

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iPhone Resin Skin Sticks to Glass Like Gecko Feet

I’m not sure this is a great idea, but I can see how it might be useful to stick your iPhone onto a surface for a short time, to either share or show something. The Uguard Resin Skin is supposed to do this, without many complications. I just wonder if everyone will remember that it’s temporary, not permanent.

uguard resin skin iphone

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Pablo Cialoni’s Pixel Superheroes: Heroic Bits

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen pixelated superheroes around here, but these ones created by Pablo Cialoni, better known by his handle Pahito, look slightly more minimal than the others that I’ve come across, while still conveying the essence of each character.

pablo cialoni pixel heroes 01

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TARDIS Gadget Skins: Doctor Who Approves

Have you ever wanted to make your mobile device look like a TARDIS? Well, now you can cloak all of your gear in some Doctor Who goodness.

Amazon Kindle TARDIS Doctor Who Cover 01

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EES Packs Circuits Onto Skin: Beginning of the Modern Cyborg

There’s a new process called EES (Electrical Epidermal System) which allows scientists to apply circuits and electrical components directly to skin, which could be big news for medical sensors, but it could also potentially lead to LED tattoos, integrated video game interfaces and more.

ees john rogers skin circuits tattoo led science

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Steve Jobs Frozen in Carbonite iPhone Skin: Who Will Unfreeze Him?

The amazing iPhone skin by Greg Koenig shows Apple CEO frozen in carbonite, just like Han Solo was on Bespin by Lord Vader to test out their carbon freezing facilities before trying to use them on Luke Skywalker.

steve jobs carbonite star wars iphone 4 society 6 skin

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Mix Monsters iPod Shuffle Cases Have Their Eye On You

When gadgets get very small, they get pretty darn cool, but the size can also be a problem for people who tend to lose stuff. This is why these Mix Monsters iPod Shuffle 4G cases from Fred & Friends come into play. They’ll dress up your Shuffle as colorful one-eyed monsters, or as Beholders (the appropriate term would probably be Beholder-kin as these aren’t really exactly like Beholders).

mix monsters fred friends ipod shuffle case 4g

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Grove iPad 2 Cases: Wood is Good

If you loved that iPhone case by Grove and MapleXO, but just couldn’t get it because of the limited availability or price, then check out these wooden cases for the iPad 2. They join the other handcrafted bamboo iPhone 4 cases that Grove has got available.

grove bamboo ipad 2 case wood leather smart cover

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LEGO Compatible iPhone Skin Will Make Your AT&T iPhone Fun Again

Like almost everyone in the US, you’re probably anticipating the new CDMA-enabled iPhone from Verizon so you can finally ditch AT&T’s awful network. Once it’s available and you’ve switched to a new network and new iPhone, you don’t have to throw your old AT&T iPhone 4 away. Instead, you can just get a nifty skin to turn it into something else cool.

lego iphone skin case toys

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