Vasare Nar iPhone and iPad Cases: Geometry Wars

As many of us will probably admit, I have multiple cases for my iPad and iPhone, because I like so many of the designs out there. While I don’t go for stuff that’s too off the wall, like those bunny ear cases that I’ve seen, these geometric cases for iPhones and covers for iPads by Vasare Nar are just distinctive enough for me.

vasare nar iphone ipad skins 01

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Skins US Quotes Episode 5 Stanley

It’s hard to take you seriously when it looks like you come from the future.
Stan to his dad wearing a cycling outfit, including a time trial helmet

I would make out with my dog.
Girl to Chelle

It’s like he’s got the cheat codes to life.

What does every bastard who has every lived have in common? His father is a bastard and he never broke the cycle. Break the cycle Stanley.
Judge to Stan

I’m surprised, but the music in the US version of Skins is pretty good. I heard Phantogram’s Mouthful of Diamonds in this week’s show. While it’s nowhere near as stellar as the original show, which has just begun its fifth season in the UK on E4, once the story starts diverging it’s gotten interesting.

Dell Store Lets You Change The Skin Of Your Laptop

011410_rg_DellStoreEmil_01.jpgDell has partnered with (Product) Red to provide some unique looking skins for your laptop. So if you’re thinking about getting a Dell, then you should seriously consider skinning it.

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Uncommon Cases For Your Cell Phones and Music Players

121809_rg_UncommonCase_01.jpgSkins and cases for your iPods, iPhones and mobile devices are a dime a dozen, but this is the first time that we’ve seen customizable cases. These cases can be customized thanks to your own photos or designs.

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