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She Sees a Barer Sky that Does not Bend

Wallace Stevens by Marsha Cottrell

{via but does it float?}

Twilight Sky Over Barn

Twilight sky in Detroit, Michigan, @ The Big Picture

2011 Pinarello Road Bicycles

This year, Pinarello is emphasizing their asymmetric design philosophy. The models stay the same but they’ve announced a new re-designed Paris Carbon, which is made out of 50HM 1.5K carbon. It’s slot is right after the Prince Carbon. The Prince is made out of 50HM 1K carbon. The Dogma is made out of 60HM 1K carbon. The Dogma is available in a Di2 compatible frame.

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2010 Pinarello Graal

2010 Pinarello Graal, not yet available for purchase

Here are some great photos of Bradley Wiggins’ Pinarello Graal TT bike. Wiggo has got 2 of these, one with Dura-Ace 7900 and one with Di2. The lines definitely remind me of the Giant Trinity TT bike.

The top end must be pretty heavy with the MOst TT bar. I’m surprised that the brakes weren’t integrated into the frame. Granted, the front brake is behind the fork, but I would have put it inside the fork. Same goes for the brake in the back. Quite a few TT bikes put it near the crank.

What’s most distinctive are the wedges, which are blue on the downtube. This isn’t just a paintjob, they are made to enhance aerodynamics.

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September 10 2008

Indian summer skyscape

Indian summer skyscape

September 9 2008

Indian summer skies

Indian summer skies

April 3 2008

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