HP HD 5210 Webcam Lets You Skype in Hi-Def: Is That a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

I’m always annoyed at the low resolution I have on my integrated webcam, so it makes sense to get something with a more pixels. HP’s HD 5210 will allow you to Skype in HD, which can be good or bad, depending on how you’re looking that day. Actually, it’s probably all good for most of us.


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Skype Lights: Keep a Blank Browser Window Open

050911_rg_SkypeTrick_01.jpgDepending on your lighting situation at home or when you are on the road, you might run into problems when you Skype regularly, especially in darkened areas. Each room is different, and a lot of it resides on how many lamps are in the room and how bright the illumination is. We’ve got a very simple trick that will help you Skype without any problems when you are someplace where there isn’t much light.

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Old School Handset Makes iPad Look Like Giant iPhone

Yes, we’ve heard all of the jokes, including the ones involving maxi-pads, but saying that the iPad is a big iPhone has actually become reality, well sort of. This old school handset is going to take up space, but it will sure make people laugh when you pull it out.

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The Skype Certified Phone: Perfect If You Hate Headsets

040809_rg_skypephone_01.jpgSkype and VOIP type communication methods are rapidly becoming the dominant way to talk with others. It’s a perfect way to use the internet to cut costs drastically on your long distance plan, if you still have one. With these types of phones, and others, you are able to get a number and have it function like a landline. That’s really good if you aren’t fond of the headsets that most Skype users have.

DIY: How To Turn Your Old Cell Into A VOIP Skype Handset

Who hasn’t got an old cell phone lying around? Almost all of us do, since we change cell phones every other year. There are programs by service carriers to recycle phones, but there are other things that you can do with those old phones, like turning them into a Skype handset. We love skype, but the headsets aren’t always the best to use. There are dedicated USB/VOIP phones out there, that you will simply need to plug into your computer, but how about creating your own for a lot cheaper? Instructables author JFDuval did the same thing with his old phone. Here’s how he did it.

Germans Using Trojans To Spy On Skype Users

The Germans are using Digitask to spy on Skype users.