HP Slate Protoype Spy Shots Uncovered: Finger-Clicking Good?

It looks like HP’s foray into the tablet world has been finally shown up in an actual, functional device. The HP Slate looks interesting enough. The only concern is, how will it be priced? Because we can tell you that the Samsung Galaxy is priced higher than an iPad.

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Flutter: When 140 Characters are Just Too Much

I saw this last week and I found it hilarious. I know that people are going crazy about Twitter, but honestly, since I quite Facebook all I have time for is my feeds and my blog. Anything more is just too much. Plus, I don’t have a cell phone anymore. I haven’t been on FB this year and my phone worked back in July ’08.

The Distance Paradox

If telecommuting is so easy, why do we travel for work more than ever?