Health Problems Future Mars Astronauts May Face


A newly published study found that astronauts going to Mars could have trouble sleeping, become lethargic, and have problems with mental tasks over the course of a long mission.

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LED Lights May Help Prevent Astronaut Insomnia Aboard the ISS

An early prototype of new LED fixtures (Solid State Lighting Module) that could help to prevent astronaut insomnia aboard the International Space Station. Credit: Kennedy Space Center

By investing $11.4 million to change out aging fluorescent lights in the ISS’s U.S. Orbital Segment, NASA hopes to prevent astronaut insomnia and to help space station crews sleep better aboard the International Space Station.

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Some People Suffer Excessive Sleepiness Due to Naturally Occurring Sedative


Certain people with sleep disorders continually have to battle a powerful urge to sleep through the day, even after sleeping more than 10 hours a night. Caffeine doesn’t solve their problem, and more potent prescription stimulants don’t help much either. A new study has shown that this condition could have a naturally-occurring source that works on the brain like the key ingredients in Xanax and Valium.

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Small Changes in Sleeping Patterns Have a Big Impact on Kids


Small increases in the amount of time that a child sleeps can improve behavior by a significant amount, while decreases will most likely make them act out.

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Study Suggests $31 Billion in Workplace Losses Due to Insomnia


A new study indicates that insomnia lead to about 274,000 mistakes, which caused $31 billion in losses, due to accidents and workplace errors over a 12 month period.

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