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Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock for iPhone Wakes Even the Grumpiest Sleepers

I’m always looking for better ways to wake up, but other than the jarring loud alarm that wakes me up every morning, I haven’t found a decent solution to my problem. This app might do the trick.

sleep cycle alarm ios

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Brain Scans Help Scientists Read Dreams


A: functional subdivision of rostral PFC according to an earlier meta-analysis of functional neuroimaging studies, B: regions of activation for contrasts related to attention, Image by Oxford University Press.

A team of Japanese researchers have been working on using neuroimaging techniques to decode the dreams of people while they sleep. The researchers were led by Yukiyasu Kamitani of the ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratory in Kyoto, Japan and they used functional neuroimaging to scan the brains of patients.

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Strategic Napping Allows Workers to Perform Better at Arduous Tasks


Roughly 41 million people in the USA, nearly a third of all working adults, get six hours or fewer of sleep a night, according to a recent report from the CDC. Sleep deprivation affects everyone, and it’s an affliction that crosses economic lines. 42% of the workers in the mining industry are sleep-deprived, while about 27% in finance share the same complaint.

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Sleeping Longer On Weekends Doesn’t Erase Sleep Debt


Unlike the popular belief that sleeping more on the weekends can help sleep deprived people catch up on sleep, a new sleep study has shown that sleeping in on the weekends will make you sleepier come Monday morning.

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Reboot Your Sleep Cycle

Lifehacker has got a great article on how to reboot your sleep cycle. I’m currently working on adjusting my sleeping period. It’s not an easy task. I work in different time zones, and sometimes it’s really hard to get ready to go to bed at a decent hour. The most problematic thing is the computer and the Internet. We don’t have a TV, but the machine is insidious. There’s always something more that needs to be done.

When Do They Sleep?

Pretty cool little web service that tells you when your favorite tweeters sleep. Apparently, I sleep from 11PM to 7AM, which is completely wrong, but hey, it’s cool! {via presurfer}

Forrest Jessee’s Sleepsuit Lets You Sleep Anywhere, Anytime

Getting that 20-30 minute power-nap in during the day isn’t always easy. Depending on how long my day is or how hard I work, I try and take naps since I rarely get enough sleep at night. Forrest Jessee’s Sleepsuit will enable you to take naps almost anywhere.

forrest jessee sleepsuit nap sleep

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