This Isn’t an Alien Invasion… They’re Just Smog-Cleaning Robot Jellyfish!

Most modern cities have bad air, it just comes with the fact that when people live very close together, and they have a lot of cars and industrial complexes, they pollute the environment. Heavy traffic doesn’t help at all, and that’s why this unusual new kind of structure has been conceived to help clean things up.

robotic jellyfish pollution ph conditioner skyscraper

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Ecologists Explore Interactions of People, Buildings, Wildlife & Pollution


Most cities brew up a blend of gases that covers the urban area like a dome. The top of most buildings can sit outside or inside this metropolitan atmosphere, depending on the weather. Ecologists are sampling sites around Boston in order to compare levels of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane, and water vapor.

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Slowing Cargo Ships Results in Major Reductions in Pollution


A new study indicates that slowing down vessels near coastlines by 10 to 15 miles per hour can dramatically reduce air pollution from the ships. However, only a few US ports have initiated efforts to apply this.

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