Dropbox Turns on 2-Step Verification for All Accounts: You Should Too

Losing the totality of your digital life can be a mind-boggling experience, which is one of the reasons that I immediately turned on 2-step verification when Google made it available for Google/Gmail accounts. Dropbox finally followed suit and I’m expecting others like PayPal and Amazon to follow as well.

dropbox 2 step verification

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Dog Caller: Your Dog Can Now Text You

Texting and messaging has evolved quite a bit ever since it was launched on the mobile phone scene, but this smart collar is the first time I’ve seen a way for your dog to send you text messages. While your pup won’t be able to thumb-type LOLOMGWTFBBQ, you will get a message in the event that he’s in trouble from heat exhaustion.

rethink toronto dog caller heat sensing collar

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The Safer Way to Text While Driving

040809_rg_atxcartext_01.jpgIf there is one thing we don’t recommend, it’s using your cell phone while you.re driving. It’s become illegal in some states. Speaking of bans, texting will soon become illegal too. It’s been reported that truck drivers who texted while driving were 23 times more likely to get into an accident than truck drivers who didn’t. Furthermore, it’s been proven that it’s incredibly distracting. You are no longer concentrating on the road. That’s one of the reasons why phones have started to become integrated into cars and Bluetooth has become so useful. Still, there was no way that you could safely text while driving until now.
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