Nike Flyknit Air Max: So Light You Might Float Away

I’ve been waiting for this for about a year, and finally, Nike has announced the release of a sneaker that will combine Flyknit technology with a full Air Max cushioning. Now this will be one comfortable sneaker.

nike flyknit air max 1 620x495

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Nike Flyknit Lunar1+ Sneaker: Your Grandma Didn’t Knit ‘Em, A Robot Did

I was really impressed when I first saw the Nike Flyknit Trainer, with its completely woven upper that is virtually seamless. It looks like Nike is planning on taking the technology to a new level, by integrating it with even better soles.

nike flyknit lunar one plus trainer shoe

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Reebok ATV 19+ All Terrain Shoes: I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet

I’m into sneakers, but these new Reebok shoes are in a league of their own. I’ve never seen an outsole like these, which were designed especially to provide stability on uneven terrain. They’re basically what ATVs are to cars, but for your feet.

reebok atv plus shoe 2

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Sneaker Speaker: Sock Rockin’ Beats!

Are you the kind of person that likes to share your tunes with people, no matter if they like them or hate them? Check out the Sneaker Speaker, which will allow you blast your beats wherever the go, without missing a step.

sneaker speaker ray kingston

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Vans Waffle Sole iPhone Case Lets You Put Your Sneakers in Your Pocket

Initially, this case was created by Vans for promotional use only, but some enterprising bloggers managed to convince the company to release it to a wider audience.

vans waffle sole iphone case

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