Keep Sleeping with the Snooze iPhone Dock

Like almost everyone who owns a smartphone, I use my iPhone as an alarm clock, since I tend to have it around me almost all of the time. The one thing that I miss about using a phone as an alarm clock is that there is no real snooze button for me to abuse. Sure, iOS has a software-snooze, but it doesn’t feel the same.

snooze wood dock black

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Ramos Alarm Clock: Get out of Bed, Sleepyhead!

Alarms clocks are a dime a dozen, but this beautiful bedside clock aims to shake things up a bit. Designed and engineered by Paul Sammut, the Nixie Ramos is part of a Kickstarter project featuring two decidedly different versions of the same clock. While the LED version is interesting, the Nixie version is the one you’ll want, but in order to get it, you’ll have to pay quite a lot more. That being said, the clock is handmade.

ramos alarm clock 01

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How to Avoid Hitting Snooze in the Morning

011312_rg_SnoozeLose_01.jpgWe’ve probably all been guilty of pushing that infamous snooze button on our alarm clocks or cell phones when we shouldn’t. Do it frequently enough and it can become almost an automatic reflex. Experience has taught me that while that extra 10 to 30 minutes might seem good, you’ll definitely be more productive and relaxed by using that time to get stuff done. Here’s how to avoid the snooze and lose pattern