Record Arctic Snow Melt Might Be Prolonging American Drought

Hudson Bay on April 6 (left) and June 5 (right), 2012. Image: NASA

While it may seem that melting arctic snow isn’t as dramatic as the record ice melt that’s occurred this year, the loss of arctic snow potentially has profound consequences for weather patterns, especially in the USA.

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Wheelblades Help Wheelchairs Tackle Snow and Ice

Wheelchairs have difficulties moving about in snow, but no longer thanks to Wheelblades. These small skis can be easily mounted on the front wheels of wheelchairs or baby buggies, significantly improving their mobility in snow and ice.

wheelchair wheelblades mobility snow ice

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KiBiSi-Designed Capital Headphones for AIAIAI: Rain, Snow, Who Cares with These?

These headphones, which were designed by the Copenhagen-based firm KiBiSi, were made to be weather resistant. This means that they’ll shrug off rain and snow. That might be cool to have, especially if you can’t live without your tunes while you’re walking around this winter.

capital headphones kibisi aiaiai 01

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AT-AT Snow Sculpture Holds Up to Little Kids, But Not a Rebel Attack

I know that making AT-ATs out of snow has been one way of using up some of the massive snowfall that’s been plaguing the U.S. this season, but I have to say that this one from Norway actually looks pretty awesome too.

at at imperial walker snow sculpture fun mexican viking

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Using Snow to Water Your Indoor Plants in Winter

020111_rg_SnowForWater_01.jpgIf you have a lot of plants or if you’re planning on starting some a seeds on some DIY shelves, we’ve found that using some of that snow that’s been accumulating so much outside works great to water our plants. The only thing that’s needed is a way to thaw the snow into water.

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Fallen AT-AT Snow Fort: Hoth on Your Lawn

Did the great snowpocalypse get you down? Then head on outside just like Jabo27 and build yourself a fallen AT-AT snow fort. If you’ve got a front yard on the East Coast, then you probably still have enough snow around to do this as well.

star wars empire at-at sculpture snow

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LEGOs On Hoth

The Y-Wing's only problem by Avanaut

Finnish photographer Avanaut has some incredibly beautiful photos of LEGO Star Wars toys on Hoth, the arctic planet upon which the Rebel Alliance has a base in Empire Strikes Back. Check out his Flickr set.

If you’re curious how this was done, you can check it out here.