Spring In Quebec


Is it spring yet?


Most definitely.

That doesn’t take away the snow that we still have on the ground. It’s been a record breaking winter, with about 500 cm of snow.

Today was the first day of nice and warm weather. Warm enough to walk around in a short sleeved shirt. Hormones are in the air at the university. Girls are coming out of their shells. I no longer need to wear any extra layers. That is amazing. I’ve been wearing thermal underwear until a few days ago. I finally put them aside.

End of term. Last week of school. Actually, there are still two more weeks left. Next week, I have got four exams in two days. The next week, I’ll have to finish my last homework that’s due on May 2nd. I’ll try finishing it this weekend, but things are not looking good for that.

It’s going to be raining all weekend. At least that will make me study. I was planning on running a bit in the neighborhood, but I’m not that well equipped. Actually, it should be too bad since I’ve got some shorts.

I cut my hair last night. It wasn’t the best idea, but given the tools that I had at the time, my hair’s looking good. I waited too long to cut it and ran into all sorts of problems. I think that there might be parts in the back that aren’t all that even, but I’ve always recently gone for a mini mohawk Beckham style. It doesn’t matter. Cutting your own hair, without a clipper, is kind of like a work in progress. It’s simple enough and I don’t do things like layering, but the end result is alright.

I finished a class today. I still have classes tomorrow. Next Wednesday, I usually have 6 hours worth of classes. In one class, people are presenting their projects. In the other two, the professors will be answering questions. Then on Thursday, I have two exams. I have two more on Friday. I’ve already started preparing. I think it will go well, but it’s going to be stressful.

Snowfall In April

Just when you think that the winter is over, it starts snowing again. I woke up this morning at around 10AM to find a full blown snowstorm had started. It’s been snowing since then. It’s covering everything with a nice white layer of fluff.

We had very warm temperatures this week. We were expecting some rain mid-week, but I guess the rain became a snowfall on the weekend.

Just a few moments ago, my roommate told me that slush is everywhere. Slush mixed in with mud and shit like that. It’s not pleasant to walk in such a concoction. You get the back of your pants all brown because of the slush.

I don’t really mind, but I hope that we’ll get warmer temperatures in the next couple of days to clean up. However, since we still have very high snow piles everywhere, I doubt that it will really make a difference.

Shitty Weather

Well, it wasn’t that bad, but still a tad annoying.

It started raining today. The snow is melting, but the sidewalks are a disaster. Thankfully my Zamberlan Master GT RR boots are weatherproof and have GoreTex. I could step in a deep puddle and not feel wet. My pants aren’t as weather proof. I’ve started wearing cords because of the mild weather that we’ve been having recently.

My Arc’teryx Alpha LT Pro Shell had no problems. When I arrived home during one of my breaks, I used thick plastic bags to quickly make my GoLite Jam backpack weather proof. The slushy weather made me want to run. I kept my eyes on the sidewalks and the puddles at all times. Things will not be pretty tomorrow when it all freezes over.

The thing is that the weather was so damp that it chilled you to the bone if you weren’t wearing proper clothing.

Mathematics Analysis I Results

Even though two midterms didn’t go as well as they could have, the two other midterms went extremely well. I got B+ in Teaching College Mathematics and A+ in Analysis I. In percentile, that’s the 6th best grade in a class of 100. Class average in Analysis I was 57%, which is pretty low. Lowest grade is 28%. You can check out the marks here (PDF).

I have been told that 1/5 people fail this class, which is enormous. That gives me confidence for the rest of the semester. I hope to get a semester average between A and B. I got a 9.5/10 in my Teaching College Mathematics assignment. I’ve already started work on the end of term project, which is worth 25% of the total mark. My hope is that I will get an A in that class. Actually, anything between A- and A+ will make me extremely happy. It’s really been a long time since I was happy about school. Probably when I started university in 95 in computer science and 99 in mathematics. At that time, I had frequent A in my GPA.

It is a challenge going back to school after such a long time. On top of that, I’m separated from my family for most of 2008 and part of 2009. I think the hardest in being a full time student, is the financial situation. If you don’t qualify for loans and such, you have to work part time during the semester. I find that most of the time by Tuesday, I’m already tired and I haven’t had any classes yet! With my salary, I need to work about 12-16 hours a week. I have classes for 15 hours. The rest of the time, I have to study. The thing is that I’ve come a long way from where I was before. I actually don’t really care that much about not having any spending money. As long as I can eat well, eat a lot of fruits and subsist to all of my basic needs, being a student is almost liberating. I mean, I’ve had an expensive car (2004 Subaru WRX STI) and an expensive condo near the Atwater market in Montreal. Those material things didn’t really make me happy.

I plan on saving all of my money in Taiwan over the summer so that during the fall 08 semester, I won’t have to work as hard.  

It’s snowing again today. We are expecting 25-35 cm of snow today. It’s going to be mental on the roads. I use the bus, so I don’t really care. The bus I take most of the time has frequent service, so I’m not too worried about heading home. I just want to confirm my class with my student at 4:30PM later today.


I was working today. I had no classes. At 1PM, I got a headache. At around 2PM, I arrived at school to finish a Matlab programming assignment. By the time I left, I wasn’t feeling good at all.

I didn’t know if it was the lack of food, lack of sleep or just a bug running around that had gotten me sick. I started feeling very hot. I knew this feeling. It had to do with something I ate. Oddly enough, I hadn’t eaten in the morning. I woke up late and was on the run to arrive in time for my classes.

I ended up throwing up my banana smoothie that I made myself when I arrived home. Afterwards, I felt better. I cleaned up and went to my last 90 minute class. Puking had made me miss my usual buss. I had to hurry to arrive in time. My student didn’t show up so I went back home. I treated myself to some Italian sausages with some pasta. I hadn’t eaten pasta in three months. I felt that I needed it. I couldn’t stand eating any goulash or blue cheese tonight. I read blogs while I cooked.

I wasn’t surprised that I had 131 items to read. I managed to get through them pretty quickly. I had appetite and I was able to hold my food down. In my opinion, I must have eaten something that didn’t sit right with me the day before. I have a sensitive stomach.

I’m trying to relax. I have another assignment to complete this week and another midterm. Then my midterm rush will be over.

Even though I didn’t want to take any pictures today, I did take a few good ones. The sky was almost cleared up after the heavy snowfall of the past week. The sunset was great. Quebec has gotten 448cm of snow this winter.

Signs Of Spring

As I walked out of class, I saw the first glimmer of spring on Friday. Even though it was -20C, with a cold wind making things even colder, the birds were out next to the Grand Théâtre.

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