Giant Voxel Soccer Player Installation for Nike Has Plenty of Balls

Like many football fans, I was caught up in the World Cup fever and didn’t realize how cool this installation was when it first made the rounds a few months back.

south africa balls soccer sculpture johannesburg nike carlos tevez

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When Darth Vader Takes A Penalty Kick…

… you don’t want to be on the opposing team. Since Darth Vader specializes in aggressive use of the Force, and isn’t afraid to use it for that purpose, he can just do about anything he pleases with a flimsy soccer ball.

darth vader penalty kick college humor force star wars

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2010 World Cup Finals Netherlands Vs Spain

It was a frustrating result since I supported the Netherlands, but in all fairness, the goal towards the end of the extra time (116′) was good. It was clean. Well, granted there was a foul right before it. The player was Elia, I think and he was clearly fouled by the Spaniards. I have to say that I didn’t like the British referee. He gave out quite a few yellow cards. Hetinga from the Dutch squad even received two in this match and had to be ejected from the game.

Two yellow cards = a red card, if you didn’t know. I could have done without ABC’s stupid halftime and end game comments. The commentary during the match was good. They were using Brits. Honestly, I should have gotten ITV’s or BBC’s coverage of the match instead.

Robben had two great chances to score, but it didn’t pan out, but ultimately, Spain was more aggressive and shot at the goal a lot more. It was only a matter of time before they scored a goal.

Did the right team win? Yes. It was a clean goal, no cheating or gray areas. Still, both squads could have done with a Forlan in their team. He was a revelation during the Uruguayan matches. The game was getting dirty though. This was one of the reasons why there were so many yellow cards, but the referee was really shit. He made a couple of late calls and wrong calls. I didn’t appreciate that.

Was this a great match? Nope. My favorite matches remain Netherlands Vs Brazil, Germany Vs England, Germany Vs Argentina. The later matches were different, a lot grittier, with a type of football that was less pretty to watch. Also, the yellow cards had caught up to some players, making them miss key matches.

2010 World Cup 3rd Place Germany Vs Uruguay

What should have been an easy match for Germany almost ended in extra time, thanks to a beautiful attempt by Floran.

The games started quickly enough with a goal by Müller. Then, things calmed down for a while, but Uruguay scored, evening up the score. Uruguay was outplaying Germany and Cavani scored at 28′ leading into the second half.

Uruguay then scored their second goal. It was a beauty by Floran. Now, things were not looking good for a short time, but Jansen scored a few minutes later with a beautiful header. The game was back to being nervous for a while, until Khedira scored at 82′ sealing the victory for Germany.

It was almost lost thanks to Floran who’s incredible penalty kick hit the top of the goal post at the end of regulation time.

Suarez spent his time on the pitch being booed by the crowd. This was in reaction to his handball that stopped Ghana from scoring a victory goal . I think that it was well deserved because he is a cheat. For something like this, the goal should have been awarded to Ghana, Suarez should then have gotten a red card. I didn’t like how this played out because Gyan missed the penalty. Then the game went into a penalty shootout. It was only natural that Ghana lost that.

The booing from the crowd distracted Suarez from the top of his game. He regained some confidence later. Klose is sick so he was absent. If Müller had been in the semi-final, maybe the Germans would have won against Spain. Now, we’re two hours away from the final. I hope the Dutch beat Spain.

2010 World Cup: Germany Vs Spain

I don’t really know what happened to this game. My wife enjoyed it, but I didn’t. Most of the offensive German players were effectively shut down by Spain. However Spain kept making a few too many passes and kept missing the goal. Müller was suspended because of his 2 yellow cards and his replacements didn’t do the job.

Özil touched the ball more, but wasn’t able to score. Germany had a few good chances, but Spain had quite a few more. In the end, Germany was completely outplayed. I just wonder why this happened, because it didn’t seem to be the same team who won the previous matches so decisively.

The match was very frustrating to watch because Spain kept missing the goal. At one point, Spain had 4 times more corner kicks than Germany. Anyway, I’m disappointed that the Germans are out, but I’ll be rooting for the Dutch. Hopefully, Arjen Robben and his squad will be able to shut the Spaniards down.

Puyol scored finally with a beautiful header from a corner kick late in the 2nd half.

Impact on Lost Productivity of the World Cup

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Reception of the French National Team In France

On Thursday, as France’s national soccer team returned home after its abject failure at the World Cup in South Africa, and were met by riot police sent to protect them from their fans, haters of the team, and the country, continued to heap scorn on the squad now blamed for sullying the nation’s honor.

Another noted simply: “When the team wins, the players are French. When it loses, they are Africans with French citizenship.”

2010 World Cup: Netherlands Vs Brazil

This was one of the matches that I was really looking forward too, and I wasn’t disappointed. Who could have predicted the result?

The Netherlands were trailing at half-time, thanks to a great goal by Rubinho. The Brazilians were in control and it looked like the Dutch were soon going to be heading home. Luckily, things got interesting in the 2nd half.

Arjen Robben led his squad to victory in a surprising second half. Things were heating up and Robben fed Sneijder masterfully for the first Dutch goal at the 53rd minute. This was actually an own goal done by Melo, but FIFA ruled that Sneijder deserved it more. Anyway, it was a great shot that came from far away, there was nothing that the Brazilians could do about this.

After this, it seemed that the Brazilian team broke down. They were booked a few more times, their frustration was apparent. Sneijder scored with a header that sealed the deal. There was still plenty of time left (17 minutes), but the South Americans got even more frustrated. Melo got a red card for stamping Robben in an unsporting fashion.

2010 World Cup: Uruguay Vs Ghana

This was a very evenly matched game, but in the end I felt that Uruguay stole the victory goal away from Ghana.The game was tied at 0-0, which let to an overtime period. Towards the end of the overtime period, Ghana had an excellent chance to finish off the South American team. The only thing that stopped this goal from happening was Suarez, who committed a hand ball on the goal line to stop it from going in. He got a red card for this. This lead to a penalty shot by Gyan, who missed.

A few moments later, the game was decided by a penalty shootout. It was obvious who would win. Mensah and another player missed penalty shots, leading Uruguay to win the match.

A highlight of this game was the German-born Kevin Prince Boateng, who’s half-brother Jérôme Boateng plays for the German squad. He actually is a starter as well. I was really upset at this result. Luckily, it will only lead to Uruguay’s elimination by the Dutch, who clearly outclass them.

2010 World Cup: Paraguay Vs Spain

Although Paraguay fought brilliantly against the European Champions Spain, it wasn’t enough as Villa masterfully scored at 83′, sealing Spain’s victory, who will face Germany in the semi-finals. The first half wasn’t that interesting. Paraguay managed to shut down Spain’s patented tic-tac passing game. However, once again, they had trouble feeding the ball to the strikers from the mid-post.

The second-half was a lot different A foul was caused in Spain’s penalty area which led to a penalty shot by Cardoza, who utterly missed the goal. A few moments later, the Spaniards were attacking goal and they also got fouled in the penalty area, which led to another penalty kick. Alonso took it and scored, but the ref judged that the Spaniards were in the box before the ball was in play. Alonso had to do it again and missed.

I was pretty happy when this happened, because getting a goal from a penalty shot is kind of a non-starter. However, this led to some exciting football. The Paraguayan defenders were getting tired and couldn’t challenge the Spanish attack anymore, which led to Villa’s goal.