The Digg Revolt: Users Want Reddit to Take Over?

Last week, the popular social news site Digg overhauled its website, turning it into a hybrid social bookmarking/social networking site. It hasn’t been an easy transition. Many users despise the new look and have taken it to new lengths to protest. And it’s not just about the looks. It’s a true Digg Revolt! Check out this great timeline.

digg reddit revolt social news website

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Digg Vs Reddit: Which One Will Win?

Rate Rush put together this handy chart comparing Reddit and Digg. Between the two, who would win in a fight? I no longer use either on a regular basis, but some people swear by these social news sites.

digg reddit social media votes chart

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Reclusive Inventor of Chatroulette Is Interviewed

Fascinating article over at the New Yorker about Ternovskiy, the inventor of Chatroulette.

Twitter Is Down & Tweeting While Parenting

Twitter Hacked by Iranian Cyber Army

When I realized that a Twitter tab hadn’t been updated in an hour, I checked and found out that Twitter is down. Is Twitter down? Yes!

In other news, a popular tweeting military mom gets slammed for announcing that her son died on Twitter while it happened. Well, that’s not exactly true, but within a few hours of him dying, she started posting stuff about it on Twitter. He was found drowned in her pool. Critics are saying that if she spent as much time with him as she did on Twitter, he might still be alive. Some say that this is the danger of social media.

Not long after that, a firestorm erupted on Twitter, with strangers wondering what kind of mother tweets during a crisis. The debate has been going on for days around the Internet, with critics calling Ross callous (and suggesting that if she had been paying as much attention to her child as she had to her Twitter account, her son would not have come to harm) and supporters (many who know her in real life, and others who have never met her) describing her as a caring mother who reached out to her virtual community during a tragedy.

Update: Twitter is back up! Outage was for about an hour. TechCrunch reports that Twitter was hacked by the Iranian Cyber Army.