TARDIS Socks: No Bigger on the Inside than Out, Still Bigger at the Calf than Ankle

While I have trouble calling any sock a spin-off sock, that’s what creator and knitter Ellen Botilda calls her TARDIS tribute socks. They were based on another pattern, but slightly altered. Now, all that I have to find is someone who will knit a pair of these for me!

tardis socks doctor who tribute ellen botilda

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Etsy iDevice Socks: Contrasting Handmade Goodness

112410_rg_iDeviceSocksEtsy_01.jpgIt’s not always easy to get a gift that stands out. Thankfully in recent years, this task has been made a lot easier since people are selling their own creations on a variety of different outlets, including one of our favorites, Etsy. Etsy has got so many good gifts, it’s hard to choose. However, we’ve definitely got our eyes on a few iPhone, netbook, laptop, iPad, and electronic socks to protect them from any potential scratches.

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Warmed Up Feet

Sometimes, it takes forever for my feet to warm up. It happens a lot when it’s humid, though after a shower and fresh socks, it’s no longer a problem. My feet usually tell me how cold it is outside, before I leave.

Wet Socks On The Storytree

I really hate having wet socks. As soon as my socks are wet, from sweat or just plain dampness, I change them. I don’t like having wet feet. I can change socks four times a day if they get wet. I’ve different types of socks. Home socks and socks for going out. I always wear two layers of socks, no matter where I go.

What do you hate?