The Blanket Chair: Who Needs Snuggies?

There’s something awesome about comfortable chairs, in which you can spend hours reading, working or simply chilling. This concept chair integrates a blanket into an all-in-one comfy package, allowing you to take advantage of its cuddliness.

blanket chair cozy armchair aga brzostek

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Moyee Monster Chair: Get Gobbled up in Comfort

I don’t know why, but getting gobbled up by this plush monster looks more comfy than scary. This chair was created by Jason Goh and was inspired by a story his grandmother used to tell him about how fish balls would turn into a giant hairy hungry monster if he didn’t eat them up. Needless to say, that if I was a kid and heard that, I’d probably gobble up my fish balls as well. Mmmm. Fish balls.

fish ball monster moyee chair

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Canapé Cactus Couch & Ottoman: Is It Getting Prickly in Here?

While they might have different upholstery, most sofas and couches look pretty similar. From time to time, though, you come across something very different. This cactus couch is definitely unusual, because cacti usually don’t make good sitting places.

canape cactus sofa

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Space Invader Chair Concept Needs to Be Real

I was floored when I saw this Space Invader chair. It comes in a nice array of colors and looks pretty comfortable on top of looking fantastically retro. Sure, it’s not a Space Invaders love seat, but then again, having two of these colorful invaders in your pad would make it look even awesomer.

space invaders chair dorothy retro video game classic prototype

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Stardust Light Furniture: Like it or Hate it

If you had furniture that could light-up like a spaceship, would that make you happy? Is light something that could be used in furniture without being too awkward? Those are the questions that the Stardust furniture line from Meritalia explores. It’s hard to judge your feelings for something this bold. It’s easy to dismiss it and to say that it is tasteless, but most provocative items will evoke feelings like this.

Identita: A Perfect Home Theater Seating Solution

022709_rg_identitaloungechair_01.jpgGetting the right furniture for your home theater room isn’t always easy. There are a lot of choices out there, but not all of them are good. Usually, seating in a home theater amounts to getting something that fits, looks good and is functional. But what happens when you are just looking to seat one person very comfortably? Over the years, I’ve learned that lounge chairs are perfect for this. They seat you perfectly well, in an extremely comfortable seating position.

Angels and Sofas:Make Your Home Theater Room Even More Comfy

012309_rg_angelsofa_01.jpgIt happens all the time. You have all of what you need to enjoy the evening, except that you’re rapidly running out of space to seat your friends and guests. The way to get around this is to simply have enough chairs around to seat everyone. The one thing that can really set your home theater room apart is comfortable and unique seating. It not only looks good, but feels great for your guests.

Our Little White Sofa: Perfect For Lounging With Your Laptop


This is the first sofa that we’ve seen that’s designed for both outdoor and indoor use. There is nothing greater than a multifunctional piece of furniture. Christian Vivanco designed it and it looks perfect for lounging around at home while working on your laptop. It’s design is reminiscent of a chaise longue, but it can seat more than one person.

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