Princeton’s Nanomesh Triples Solar Cell Efficiency

Princeton’s Nanomesh Triples Solar Cell Efficiency

Researchers at Princeton University have used nanotechnology to develop a nanotechnological mesh that increases efficiency over organic solar cells nearly threefold.

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First All Carbon Solar Cell Made from Nanotubes and Buckyballs


Scientists at Stanford University have put together the first solar cell that’s entirely made up of carbon, which is a promising alternative to the expensive materials used in photovoltaic cells today.

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Radio Shines With Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

100909_rg_heliodye_01.jpgIn a perfect world, we would slowly wean ourselves off fossil fuels and embrace green technology. The thing is that it’s hard to let go of them when we can’t find green alternatives that provide as much power. Dye-sensitized solar cells promise to bring solar cells to everyone cheaply.

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