Etón Rugged Rukus Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker


Etón just upgraded the Rukus Bluetooth Solar Wireless Speaker to a rugged version that it now calls the Etón Rugged Rukus. The Rugged Rukus sports a splash-proof outer housing, allowing you to take it almost anywhere without worrying about it getting damaged.

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Princeton’s Nanomesh Triples Solar Cell Efficiency

Princeton’s Nanomesh Triples Solar Cell Efficiency

Researchers at Princeton University have used nanotechnology to develop a nanotechnological mesh that increases efficiency over organic solar cells nearly threefold.

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Scattered Silver Cubes Scale Up Light Absorption for Solar Power


Nanoscale cubes of silver could help make more efficient solar panels, heat detectors and specialist cameras. The randomly scattered cubes were placed on pieces of polymer-coated metals to form a device that absorbs nearly all light that hits it.

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Nanosheet-Flower Structure Boosts Energy Storage

Closer view of the germanium sulfide structure.

This flower-like structure is made out of germanium sulfide (GeS), a semiconductor material that has extremely thin petals with an enormous surface area. The GeS flower may help boost the energy performance for the next generation for storage devices and solar cells.

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Solar-Powered Lounge Chairs: You Chill While Your Gadgets Recharge

Chilling in the yard while your gadgets are recharging sounds like a good way to spend the summer. That’s why I like these new chairs called SOFT Rockers. They have a 35-watt solar panel that charges a built-in battery which will juice up your gadgets.

soft rocker mit chair solar lounge charge gadgets power kinetic

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IDEA Sol Watch Juices Up With the Sun

It makes sense to power a watch with solar power. One of the first good-looking ones I’ve seen comes from the Japanese brand IDEA [JP] and it’s called Sol.

idea sol watch japan timepiece solar power

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World’s Smallest Solar Movie Theater Can Fit In a Trailer, Really!

The The Sol Cinema is the world’s smallest movie theater that’s completely solar-powered. It’s so small that it can fit inside a small trailer. The trailer is a 1960s era travel trailer. There is a ticket booth, concession stand, and seating for 8 adults (!).

movie theater smallest world solar power

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Radio Shines With Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

100909_rg_heliodye_01.jpgIn a perfect world, we would slowly wean ourselves off fossil fuels and embrace green technology. The thing is that it’s hard to let go of them when we can’t find green alternatives that provide as much power. Dye-sensitized solar cells promise to bring solar cells to everyone cheaply.

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Green Ideas: Invisible and Efficient Solar Roof Tiles

081809_rg_solarroof_01.jpgOne of the reasons why not a lot of new homes come fitted with solar panels is that they tend to ruin the aesthetics of a house. Sure, they get some power from the sun, but new houses need to look really good so that they can be sold, especially in this economy. Luckily, an American company has come up with solar roof tiles that can blend with normal tiles, leaving the look of the house intact.

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Solar Powered Cell Phones: Sustainable Phones for the Future?

022009_rg_solarcellphone_01.jpgUntil solar panels are harnessing a lot more power out of the sun, electricity will always be a precious commodity. Solar energy is a way to take things out of the hands of the Man and back into yours. I’ve read reports of people using solar panels on their houses and selling their excess electricity to the utilities companies. Sure they had to invest $20,000, but in the long run, they’ll be saving money. Now after having said all this, is there a way for our precious gadgets to also become sustainable?