SolarKindle Cover: Recharges Your Kindle for Almost Unlimited Autonomy

When you tend to spend a lot of time reading with your Kindle out on the road or on vacation, it’s nice that it can run for so long. Still, it would be nice if you never had to plug it in at all. SolarFocus has just released information about their SolarKindle cover, which allows you to use the sun to power your Kindle for a whole lot longer, while at the same time protecting your Kindle.

SolarKindle Kindle Solar Case 02

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IKEA Sunnan Solar Lamp Modded Into iPad Charger

When you think about it, having a solar charger is a good idea, especially if you find yourself outdoors frequently, and your gadgets often run out of juice. If you’d rather not just go with an off-the-shelf charger, you can always mod an IKEA Sunnan solar lamp to become your iPad charger.

sunnan ikea hack voltaic systems ipad charger

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Eton Mobius Solar iPhone Charging Case: Juice Up with the Sun

Eton has plenty of solar-powered devices and green solutions in their product lineup, but the Mobius case for the iPhone 4 allows you charge up your phone by using the sun, without having to carry around an external charger. Eton was able to streamline the design, so it’s not clunky.


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Samsung’s Solar-Powered Netbook NC215S: Kind of Like Superman?

Just like Superman, Samsung’s new NC215S is powered by the Sun. Will it make it the ultimate go to laptop for people on the road? It makes perfect sense to integrate a solar panel into the lid of a laptop, because you can charge it quite easily when you’re not using it. Pop it in the sun for a few hours and you’re ready for more computing.

samsung laptop notebook netbook solar power green nc215s

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Eton’s Soulra XL Solar Dock: Bigger Panel Means More Tunes

Eton’s last solar dock was pretty cool, but their bigger version, the Soulra XL, now comes with a larger, retractable solar panel that will juice this iPhone and iPod dock up for a much longer time. The new Soulra XL will ship shortly and will be able to soak up the sun a lot better than the previous model.


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Ralph Lauren RLX Solar Backpack: Charge Your Gadgets, (Over)Charge Your Credit Card

Ralph Lauren just released a water-resistant backpack that has a solar panel in the back to charge-up your gadgets while you are walking around. The Ralph Lauren Solar Backpack is part of the RLX line, made in partnership with O-Range. Sounds and looks cool enough – only trouble is that it costs 800 bucks.


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Recommended Solar Sensor Lights? Good Question

110310_rg_SolarSensorLight_01.jpgQ: Hi, I love your sites and appreciate all the work you do looking onto and recommending products. I was on your site looking for some recommendation about solar sensor lights but I was not able to find any. Or if you don’t have any that is my suggestion for your next review.

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Logitech Releases K750 Solar Keyboard: Look Ma, No Batteries

Well, it took a while, but Logitech finally released a wireless keyboard that doesn’t need any batteries. What does it need to charge up? The sun! I think that it’s a great idea.


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Green Home Technology Draws New Buyers

As the housing market slowly recovers from the economic crisis, new buyers are drawn to green technology, which in essence, will allow them to save money in the long term by reducing utility costs.

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Saint Clair Lamp Sucks The Sun For Power

Even though solar power is already helping to create greener energy, we still have a long way to go before we can stop depending on fossil fuels. This solar-powered lamp uses a very simple idea, which could be used by a bunch of other devices.

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