The Solar Lampion: A Great Green Lantern

Using the sun to power lamps is something that all designers and manufacturers should strive for. It just seems logical that the sun’s energy should be saved in some way so that we could use it again at night. The next best thing to actually having sunlight at night is using solar panels to convert sunlight to electricity. The Solar Lampion is a great way of using the sun’s energy again at night.

The World’s Most Efficient Solar Clock

The great thing about solar clocks is that once they are up, you won’t have to bring them down again to change batteries. We think that using solar power for clocks is a great idea. Seiko has just announced their latest solar clock, the Emblem. The really interesting thing is that it’s supposed to be the world’s most efficient solar clock.

Prometeo: Charge Your Gadgets With Solar Power


Solar powered chargers are the latest fashion. We’ve seen jackets, backpacks and other devices that promise you to charge your gadgets. The Prometeo just seems more useful. It was designed for Samsung’s Young Design contest and is a bit large to wear around your neck, yet it’s still possible to do so.

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Greencore Solar-Powered Air Conditioner


The inherent problem with solar-powered air conditioners is that solar panels aren’t efficient enough to power the power hungry machines on their own. Greencore has come up with a solution to that problem. Their 10200 model uses a single 170-watt solar panel during the day and electricity during the night, leading to massive electricity savings even if the unit isn’t 100% solar-powered.

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