Beyond Jambox: Affordable Portable Audio Options

100212_rg_JamboxAlternatives_01.jpgThe Jawbone JAMBOX is a top aesthete’s choice for a portable wireless speaker, but the price tag makes it a bit of a splurge rather than impulse purchase. Sure, the sound is decent for a speaker of its size, but there are a few affordable alternatives that are equally portable and nearly as eye-catching… More

Rocketfish iPad Sound Prism Speaker Hides Away in Your Smart Cover

If you’ve got an iPad 2 or 3rd Gen iPad, You’ve probably used a Smart Cover and noticed that there is a bit of wasted space when the Smart Cover is all folded up as a triangle to act as a support for your iPad. Some clever designers decided that they could put that wasted space to good use, and created a speaker that could fit into that void.

rocketfish ipad sound prism

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Tascam iM2 iOS Stereo Microphone: Supersize Your Podcasts

If you use your iOS device to record music or to create podcasts, then you should definitely check out this add-on microphone. The new Tascam iM2 Stereo Microphone is specifically made to function with your favorite iOS device and is designed to record great sound with your mobile gadget.

tascam iphone ipod ipad recording microphone add-on ios im2

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Bose SoundLink: Wirelessly Play Tunes Anywhere In Your Pad

071709_rg_bosesound_01.jpgOver here at Unplggd, we have a special regard for wireless things. They are just so convenient and keep the wire messes at bay. Nothing says wireless as wirelessly playing your tunes all over your pad thanks to a convenient Bose audio component. Streaming music isn’t something new, but this setup doesn’t require a home network, so it’s pretty straightforward, perfect for anyone who wants to join the wireless revolution.

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