Embroidered Space Invaders Mouse Pad: Cross-Stitch Invaders

Even though you don’t really need a mouse pad to make your mouse work these days, most people still have one. I know that I like using my mouse pad with my desktop, no matter what the surface it’s resting on. It just makes it easier to move. That being said, there’s no reason why you can’t spice it up a bit. Check out this Space Invaders embroidered mouse pad you can make for yourself.

space invaders mouse pad

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Space Timeders iOS Clock App and Game: Shoot Some Aliens in Bed

Space Invaders never seems to get old, as proven by this clock app and game for iOS devices. Space Timeders will let you waste good time before going to bed. The game is fun and the idea is pretty cool.

space timeders

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Space Invaders Waffle: They’re Invading Breakfast, Is Lunch Next?

Sure, this Space Invaders waffle look delicious, but it makes you wonder if they’ll ever invade your other meals. I don’t think there’s any danger of that, but are there other meals that can be shaped like Space Invaders?

space invaders invader art show waffles

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Swanky Space Invaders Silk Ties: Would You Trust an Alien Around Your Neck?

These ties are perfect for the geek that needs to dress up, now and again. The Space Invaders Silk Ties are made by UK neckwear makers Projector and they come in a variety of different colors, infusing a bit of style into any geek’s attire.

projector tie etsy space invaders retro geek style wear

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Space Invader Chair Concept Needs to Be Real

I was floored when I saw this Space Invader chair. It comes in a nice array of colors and looks pretty comfortable on top of looking fantastically retro. Sure, it’s not a Space Invaders love seat, but then again, having two of these colorful invaders in your pad would make it look even awesomer.

space invaders chair dorothy retro video game classic prototype

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Space Invaders Balloon Art Pops Up In Spain

I always enjoy seeing Space Invaders turning up in unlikely places. This time, it looks like the Space Invaders took over parts of Girona, Spain last month.

space invaders art girona spain elcolmado design

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Space Invaders Toaster: Aliens Burnt My Breakfast

If you find yourself playing a lot of old school games, like Space Invaders, Pac-Man, and others, then I’ve found the perfect toaster for you. It will start out your day in a great way, while reminding you of your retro-gaming passion.


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Space Invaders Silver Pendant: Wear An Alien Around Your Neck & Hope It Doesn’t Choke You to Death

What could be a better present for the geek or geekette in your life than this ultimate Space Invaders pendant? This pendant was designed by La Tête Au Cube, which roughly translates as your head cubed. The design collective collaborated with Christofle to make a new edition of the fan favorite, Space Invaders.

space invaders pendant jewelry gaming old school retro

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Intruderchron Space Invaders Clock: It’s Pixel Time!

Modder Dataman recently got his hands on Adafruit’s Monochron Pong Clock and massaged it into this cool Space Invaders clock – nicknamed the Intruderchron. Even though originally, the video game Space Invaders came out 6 years after Pong, the Space Invaders clock uses the same hardware as the Pong clock.

space invaders clock adafruit dataman timepieces retro

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Space Invader Tights For Gamer Girls

These outrageous Space Invaders tights are great for gamer girls who don’t mind wearing skin-tight clothing covered with retro pixel game art.

space invader tights geek wear

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