Masten Space’s Xombie Rocket Uses Draper Labs GENIE in Recent Launch


Private spaceflight company Masten Space’s XA-01.B rocket, which they have dubbed Xombie for short, was recently launched and it included Draper Laboratory’s GENIE system. Draper Laboratory created the guidance computer for the Apollo program and their latest system also performed well, during this test launch.

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Private Rocket Launch Tests Supersonic Parachute and Reusable Tech


A private spaceflight company, Armadillo Aerospace, is reviewing their test data from a rocket test in the New Mexico desert. The flight encountered problems while testing a new launch and balloon parachute technologies, but the company remains one of the leading private entities in the industry.

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Botched Pressure Test of Russian Soyuz Capsule Delays Launch by a Month


The Russian space capsule Soyuz was slated to launch on March 29th, but a botched pressure test has delayed the launch until May 15th. Soyuz will contain the next crew of the ISS, who are anxiously awaiting the launch.

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