Anathem by Neal Stephenson

Anathem by Neal Stephenson
Anathem by Neal Stephenson

Anathem is Neal Stephenson’s latest novel. After having toiled at The Baroque Cycle last year, Stephenson is back with a speculative fiction book. Although we can’t really say that this is a science-fiction book, it still uses elements of that genre.

Unlike The Baroque Cycle, which is composed of three separate books, Anathem is a standalone 928-page volume. Stephenson created a distinct vocabulary for this book. This makes things more challenging for the usual reader, since it forces you to check up the glossary. After a few chapters, this is no problem. Stephenson’s genre and writing is quite immersive, so I really got into the book. It took me two days to finish it.

I found the Anathem wiki very useful after having read the book. I wouldn’t recommend reading the wiki before having completed your first reading of Anathem. Spoilers are all over it and without knowing, you’ll spoil your fun.

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