Spider Building Spider Decoys Discovered in Panamanian Jungle


Discovered in the Panamanian jungle, a spider belonging to the genus Cyclosa is capable of producing elaborate, fake spider decoys. It hangs them in its own web and shakes the web, furthering the illusion.

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Daddy Longlegs with Leg Span of 12 Inches Discovered


A daddy longlegs with a leg span of over 12 inches was discovered in the caves of Laos. Opiliones are an order of arachnids, and are commonly referred to as harvestmen. There are currently 6,500 species of harvestmen worldwide, though the number of extant species may exceed 10,000.

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Trogloraptor Marchingtoni Is a New Species of Spiders Discovered in the Pacific Northwest


A completely new genus and species of spiders was discovered in the Pacific Northwest, by spelunkers. Trogloraptor marchingtoni was first discovered by a group of amateur spelunkers in a cave in Grants Pass, Oregon 2010. They sent specimens to the California Academy of Sciences, who confirmed that it was a new species. Since then, more specimens have been found in the Redwoods of Northern California.

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Floods in Wagga Wagga Australia Provoke Extremely Wide Spiderwebs


Escaping spiders are fleeing the floods in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia, by moving to higher ground and building massive networks of interconnected spiderwebs, raised over sticks and bushes. The spiders have covered entire fields with their webs and the floodwaters show no signs of subsiding. The town has been declared a disaster area.

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