Chuck S01E04 (NBC)

Morgan meets a girl that he likes. It’s “Karina”, one of Sarah’s old friends. She works undercover for the DEA. She wants an op setup to retrieve a precious diamond from a guy involved in the heroin trade in the Middle East.

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Burn Notice S01E11-12 Season Finale (USA)

This season finale could have been the series finale. It ends as Mike is about to learn more about why he was burned. It’s nicely orchestrated.

Mike is looking for Philip Cowan, the guy who he thinks burned him. Cowan is in town and Mike wants to meet him. They go through elaborate setups to finally meet. He doesn’t really have many answers for Mike. Meanwhile Sam has bitten off more than he can handle with a new client. Mike doesn’t have time to get involved, so Sam takes it on by himself. This gets him into trouble with heroin dealers. In the end, Mike has to mount a rescue operation.

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Chuck S01E03 (NBC)

This is the first show of the series Chuck to use it’s normal intro and song by Cake.

Chuck is set a challenge by Big Mike. He has to complete it to become assistant manager. Harry Tang doesn’t make things easier for him. Meanwhile Casey, Sarah and Chuck are hunting for an elusive arms dealer code named La Ciudad. Morgan is acting like a third wheel in Chuck’s relationship with Sarah. Ellie, Chuck’s sister, thinks that Sarah really likes him. Chuck is surprised to hear this.

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Chuck S01E02 (NBC)

Part of The Sky Is On Fire In Banqiao Series.

Chuck is a series about an ordinary guy, who got kicked out of Stanford thanks to his pal Bryce, who is pushed into extraordinary circumstances. Chuck’s life is at a standstill. He works at a giant mart called BuyMore and is an assistant manager. Most of the time, he hangs around his friend Morgan.

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Burn Notice S01E10 (USA)

One of the more interesting photos of the Down Fuxing North Road Series, which I will post in its entirety later on today.

Mike is making a fake ID and legend for himself. It doesn’t work out but we get to see Gabrielle Anwar in an incredibly sexy top, which she actually pulls off very convincingly.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Chuck S01E01 (NBC)

Chuck is a new series that will premiere on NBC on the 24th of September 2007. It has been picked up for a full season and will air on the same day as the critically acclaimed Heroes.

The show was created in part by Josh Schwartz, responsible for the O.C. and produced by McG, another O.C. alumnus, as well as the director of Charlie’s Angels.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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